Randomize Quiz Questions [Adobe Captivate Template]

Effective eLearning assessment design is not only about posing the right questions to learners. It must check for knowledge retention and application.

Worried about your learners passing the mastery quiz through smart guesses? Randomize questions to check if they’ve actually understood the content covered in the training program.

Once you have a set of questions and set a passing score, each time a learner needs to retake the quiz, they will be compelled to apply the learning, not just answer by rote.

And there’s an easy way to do this through a single SCORM package – which we’ve done for you.

This quiz template comes with the source file, so you can:

  1. Add your questions, feedback, branding
  2. Display questions in a different order on each attempt

Use the template in spaced intervals to check retention or at the end of the course and use as the summative quiz.

Download template now!