Blended Learning – A Guide to Boost Employee Performance [eBook]

What is blended learning? Is it just using classroom and eLearning together? Why is it becoming indispensable in today’s training scenario?

Well, the get the answers in this power packed eBook, that’s also available on Amazon.

As training managers, we need to figure out the best training delivery for a particular learning need. To do this, it is essential to first have a thorough understanding of the different training delivery methods and what they are capable of doing.

  • What are the pros and cons of each medium?
  • When does blended learning work best?
  • What does it take to create a perfect blended learning solution?
  • How does the job task inventory template help?
  • What are the different ways we can help employees master a task?

This eBook answers these and so much more. Explore success stories of blended learning in action, the various digital formats that can be included in a blend, and more. 

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