Information Systems and Security Awareness [Course]

Information System Security is all about protecting computers, networks, and the users by preventing unauthorized use, access, recording, modification, destruction, disclosure, disruption of information. While data breaches put companies at risk, you need to be equipped with right knowledge that safeguard you from any potential threats. Looking to land in a ‘safe space’?

This course will walk you through and raise awareness on internet security and information systems with reference to the day-to day working environment. This also emphasizes the employee’s role in safeguarding company’s information systems by using scenarios, each portraying a specific kind of information security threat.

This course will enable you to,

  • Comply with the guidelines for data security, Internet usage, e-mail usage, and personal computer security
  • Identify and minimize the risks posed by e-mail use or working outside the workplace
  • Take steps to combat the threat of social engineering