AI-Powered Storyboards and Videos to Save Time and Improve Efficiencies

Save time and effort creating your digital learning assets. Create personalized learning experiences that learners can relate to. Characters, locations, visuals, and languages of their choice – without having to wait weeks for these to come to fruition.

Upskill yourself and invest in mastering AI tools that are the future of work.

This professional skill development workshop for learning designers covers top 3 AI tools – ChatGPT, Synthesia, and Vyond Go. 

Join now to master these tools. 

ChatGPT – to generate:
  • Content for scenarios, video scripts
  • Learning objectives, assessments
  • Simplify and summarize content
  • Prompts for images
  • Grammatically correct storyboards 
Vyond Go – to:
  • Get video scripts based on custom prompts
  • Develop videos with custom backgrounds and characters
  • Build connect and recall with multiple tones of communication
  • Get editable first drafts of videos, saving time 
Synthesia – to:
  • Develop professional videos with AI-based avatars
  • Personalize learning with custom AI avatars
  • Translate with voiceovers in 120+ languages
  • Avail easy editing and collaboration options 

    Join the 3-day workshop and learn how to leverage these 3 tools. Pick your convenient dates.