Rapid eLearning Design for Quick Rollout [eBook]

Wondering what makes digital courses highly effective? Undoubtedly it has to be a good instructional design. But sometimes the major challenge is to develop and roll out eLearning courses quickly, without compromising on quality and creativity. The solution you are looking for is Rapid eLearning. Rapid eLearning offers a time-efficient yet cost-effective delivery of courses in a constantly changing business scenario.

If you are looking for ways to scale up your eLearning design grab this eBook now! In this eBook we have enumerated five best practices instructional designers should follow to achieve the best results.

Here is a glimpse of what this eBook offers:

Best practice 1: Seeing the Big picture: The Business Context

Best practice 2: Working Efficiently with SMEs

Best practice 3: Engaging Learners Through Design Strategies

Best practice 4: Working with the Right Authoring Tools

Best practice 5: Standardizing and Scaling up 

What are you waiting for grab your copy now!