In this game, a happy bird flies across the sky, showing players different statements to pick. If you choose right, you get points and stars. But even if you make a mistake, the fun does not stop! It is all about aiming for high scores and enjoying the game.

Easily switch the bird's statements with your own questions or facts to quiz learners on different topics. Adjust the scoring system to match your preferences and learning goals, making the game fit perfectly with what you want to achieve.

Our template can help your learners in the following ways:

- Dive into interactive gameplay for an engaging learning experience.

- Customize your content for a personalized touch.

- Keep things flexible with an adjustable scoring system.

- Embrace mistakes as part of the fun learning journey.

- Set goals, crush them, and track your progress every step of the way.

This game template is a versatile tool suitable for various purposes like employee assessment and continuous learning. It offers access to source files, allowing easy customization and editing of content to enhance engagement and effectiveness.