Virtual Instructor-led Training: A Beginner’s Guide [eBook]

The days of chalk and duster are far behind us. It is only imperative that we adapt to the new normal. Virtual training is an ideal solution for modern learning needs. However, the challenge arises when it comes to replicating the real classroom virtually. But worry not! This eBook contains all the magic tricks you need to migrate from classroom training to virtual space.

Get some practical tips and tricks for well-designed content that aligns with performance-based learning objectives. Get everything you need in one place and make this transition seamless.

Sneak peek into the eBook:

  • Types of instructional materials required
  • Physical classroom vs. virtual classroom.
  • Enhancing learner engagement in the virtual classroom
  • Tips to train the trainers
  • Crucial elements of a successful virtual session

Get this eBook now and explore all about VILT!