Our gamified simulation starts with a tutorial to introduce players to a software skill. This tutorial can be adjusted to match what players need to learn. After that, players can attempt an assessment to test what they have learned. Plus, we have got a handy instruction box and timer to keep track of how fast your employees are learning!

Players get hints to help them. They earn star points for correct moves and lose points for wrong ones. This helps us see where players might be struggling. Also, players can use their points to get more hints, making their learning better.

Our template can help your employees in the following ways:

  •  Introduction to Tasks: The tutorial introduces new concepts and can be customized to fit learning needs.
  • Assessment Opportunity: Employees can test their understanding.
  • Hint System:Hints are given during tasks to help employees progress.
  •  Performance Feedback: Star points provide instant feedback, showing areas needing improvement.
  •  Enhanced Learning:Points earned can unlock more hints, improving the learning experience.


Our game template is specifically tailored for software training, designed to create engaging employee training modules. With source files, customization is easy, allowing you to integrate content and meet your specific organizational.